V2C Dutch Dry Gin

Brand Strategy Creation & Creative Branding Overhaul

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V2C Dutch Dry Gin was founded by four friends studying in Maastricht, The Netherlands in early 2000. Their 4 different varieties of gins are blended in the Amsterdam region and are made from the purest ingredients harvested from around the world. V2C approached us looking for new product design ideas and a new brand strategy to help tell their unique local story.


We wanted to position V2C as a premium gin brand with a strong experiential character. We decided to do this through an original marketing approach that helped us to clearly stand out in the beverage community and within connoisseur gin and spirit drinkers.


The process of creating their new brand strategy included the definition of brand values, writing a brand story to reflect these brand values, and creating a consistent tone of voice across their marketing materials.

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After the brand strategy was defined, the next step was to recreate the brand’s marketing materials and the product itself to communicate this new message. We began with creating an updated sales deck and website proposition, then launched into new creative on the product itself. Our team proposed a new label for the bottle that would evoke a more modern feel as well as new POS materials such as a sample tasting gift box.

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The client was excited with the new strategy and creative ideas, being able to present a powerful and united brand front in which to begin a new campaign. The rollout of the new concept and materials is expected in late 2019.