Lenovo / Google

Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant “Seeing is Better” Global Campaign


In the beginning, Lenovo was only looking to develop a super targeted strategic approach for Millennial families in the US for the Lenovo Smart Display. However, the client was so impressed with our strategy, that we were then asked to brainstorm creative concepts for the campaign. The project’s success continued as we were asked to produce our creative concepts, as well as develop a media strategy, PR and eventually a global Holiday campaign.


The Lenovo Smart Display made life easier for first-time Millennial parents, by enabling users to “see” the Google Assistant, not just hear it. Essentially giving the user an extra sense and the Smart Display a unique market position. We decided to create a digital campaign focusing on the benefits of adding 'sight’ to the smart assistant market, calling it “Seeing is Better.”


Sometimes hearing an explanation is confusing. Getting directions, descriptions, instructions…all of these are so much easier if you can just see it. We determined the best way to showcase the Smart Display’s unique abilities was to connect with the recognizable daily challenges of a millennial family and show how the product helps clear things up.


Each of the 3 scripts began with a situation involving a difficult-to-understand audible explanation, (how to make a new hairdo, complex directions in a recipe, or describing an animal seen at the zoo,) and uses the Smart Display to help solve the problem visually and save the day. The films, set in humorous yet relatable parenting situations, connected perfectly with the target millennial audience.


The Seeing is Better campaign, originally intended for US-launch only, produced such high engagement that it was later repurposed for use in Canada, the UK, and Australia. A few weeks later, the client even asked us to create an accompanying Holiday campaign, to which we happily obliged.