Converse Global

Digital UX Style Guide


Since Converse had grown to reach over 26 countries with over a dozen different languages, the trick would be to document each UX element of the main Converse US website, and put it into a format that would be both easy to read and follow, regardless of who was interpreting it.


As the Converse universe continued to grow and grow, Converse Global realized they needed to do a total structural overhaul in order to make sure that all their partner websites for each new country were looking, and feeling the same. Converse approached us to see if we were up to the task of creating a digital UX style guide in order to document and define the new standard.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 2.32.56 PM.png


After weeks of detailing each and every element of the site, including a website hierarchy, sitemap, digital styling, overall page layout, templates, and e-commerce functions, we assembled a comprehensive 81-page PDF containing everything each partner site would need to know. A recipe of sorts for creating a Converse-brand website.

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Also included in the digital UX style guide was a detailed list of some of the ‘soft’ functionalities of the site. The little elements that were in fact critical parts of the overall user experience such as CTAs, placement of buttons, popups, and essential checkout triggers. We also provided a separate document filled with our recommendations for UX improvements that we believed could strengthen the site, some of which Converse was excited to implement.