Driven creative with a love for project management, web design, illustration, and data. Focused and innovative. Resourceful and excited about learning.



Penn State University - B.S. International Business and Spanish

Universidad de Sevilla - N.D.  Marketing

M.B.A (Coming Soon...)




Adobe Photoshop -       Advanced Level

Adobe Illustrator -    Intermediate Level

Excel, PowerPoint, G-Suite -       Advanced Level

Harvest and Harvest Forecast - Advanced Level

Sketch 42.0 - Current - Intermediate Level

Keynote -                       Advanced Level

Teamwork Project Management - Advanced Level

Work Experience


SuperHeroes Amsterdam : NETHERLANDS                  [Digital Creative Agency] Amsterdam, Netherlands   October 2017 - Present   Account Manager

Mabbly : CHICAGO, USA           [Digital Agency]              Chicago, Illinois, USA                   August 2016 - July 2017    Creative Project Manager 

Xtraice  : SPAIN                         [Leading Synthetic Ice Solutions]                                    Seville, Spain                          May 2015 - September 2015      Market Analysis, Market Research Intern

Telefónica-Movistar : SPAIN        [Global Business Incubator]           August 2014 - December 2014   International Business Advisor

LeJeune Marketing  :  CHICAGO, USA                            [Startup Marketing Agency] Chicago, Illinois, USA             May 2016 - August 2016     Digital Marketing Intern

Team Leadership Experience


UI/UX Design Team Manager Mabbly Digital Agency Created and cultivated in-house design team. Established brand-new best practices for design process, strategist-design-development workflow, and project management and reporting.

International Consultant Business Incubator: Project Andalucía Open Future.               Worked closely with 12 teams of Spanish entrepreneurs to conduct market analysis reports and execute international expansion marketing plan for launch in U.S. markets.

A little more about me


Real name: Elizabeth    Nickname: Libby    Nick-nickname: Libberson

Hometown - Crystal Lake, IL

Hobbies - Flowers, reading Greek mythology, traveling, learning new languages, waterskiing, fishing, does wine count?

Weird fact - I grew up without a cable TV so I don't understand 99% of 90's-kids culture references. Yes, that includes Rocket Power.

Languages - English (Native), Spanish (Native-level fluency), Italian (Intermediate), American Sign Language (Intermediate)