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Netflix - Sex Education


Netflix asked our team to come up with and execute a social-first campaign focused on generating excitement surrounding the launch of the new TV series Sex Education. Sex Education is a contemporary British love-letter to the classic American high-school show, however, it incorporates a fresh, honest, and awkward portrayal of young adult sexual and romantic experiences.


We invited local YouTube influencers for a sneak preview of the first episode of the show, the only catch was, they would have to watch it with their parents. We sat each influencer on a couch next to their parent and using sensors, monitored their involuntary body response (heart rate, temperature, perspiration).



Although the Dutch culture tends to be fairly comfortable talking about sex, when you’re a teenager, life (and sex) is still full of awkwardness. We decided that the best way to shock our audience was to eliminate the most valuable aspect when it comes to matters of sex; privacy.

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The result was a short film capturing the hilarious series of sidewards glances, uncomfortable laughing, and overall awkwardness. Used in a series of promotional banner ads, the video captured the attention of the Dutch market with its relatable scenes and shocking subject matter.